After her master degree in English, Slavic Languages and Geography at the TU Dresden, Alina completed her double master in Media Art at the Bauhaus University Weimar and the Tongji University Shanghai focusing on documentary and experimental film. Her films have been shown and awarded across the world at international film festivals as well as at art exhibitions. In her work, she uses different media formats, technical approaches and narratives. Alina has served on juries of various film festivals and has taught directing and story telling at institutions and workshops around Europe.

Alina is member of the board at the Filmverband Sachsen, since 2019 she has been a jury member at the German Film Rating Comission in Wiesbaden. She also works as a curator for film programs, conducts different film workshops and serves as a jury at diverse festivals. She also commissions works in cultural, social and science sectors. She lives and works as a producer and director in Leipzig, Germany.



Bauhaus Studio 100, Gaswerk Weimar


»Ausgewählt!« Stipendiatenausstellung der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar


STREET LIFE, Online Ausstellung, cold bench gallery
wherever you are, VKUNST Galerie, Frankfurt/Main


Speisen der Welt, Volkshochschule Leipzig
»extra« experimental trails, galerie KUB, Leipzig
THE CLASSROOM, Online Ausstellung, cold bench gallery


Happy Happy, Historischer Ratsherrensaal, Weimar
Enter the Threshold, Alter Katholikenbahnhof, Bochum
Bauhaus Now!, Ukrainian Institute of Contemporary Art, Chicago / USA
Neue Horizonte, Kunstturm Weimar
Lisztomania!, Kunstfest Weimar


First Impressions Outgoing, Bauhaus Universitätsbibliothek, Weimar
TanzMedienAkademie, Kunstfest Weimar
summaery Medienrolle, Weimar
International Women Artists Exhibition, QiSheng Museum, Chengdu / China
100206 Artists’ Exhibition, Don Gallery, Shanghai / China


She’s Vision International Contemporary Female Artists Exhibition, Jiangshan Art Museum, Chongqing / China



Jury Award Best Animation at FILMthuer for I ♥ my carL


Best Doc Award at the Social Machinery Film Festival in Salerno, Italy, for fading
Best in Show Award at the Chicago Feminist Film Festival for Farewell Scenes
Scholarship from the Kulturstiftung des Freistaats Sachsen für Einen Sack voll guter Wünsche (WT)


Jury Award at the FERFILM International Film Festival in Ferizaj, Kosovo, for Farewell Scenes

Special Mention at the KURZSUECHTIG Festival for Farewell Scenes

Jury Award at the Bamberger Kurzfilmtage for Farewell Scenes


Special Mention at the FILMZ Festival des deutschen Kinos for the Treatment Heaps of Love

Scholarship from the German Institute for Animated Film (DIAF) for I ♥ my carL

Jury Award at the Bundesfestival Video for Family Dinner


Audience Award at the Schmalfilmtage Dresden for TelH78


Jury Award and Audience Award at the Filmforum Selbstgedrehtes for fractured


Jury Award at the Klotzsche Filmherbst for La Déesse


First Prize from Surigao Photo Club in Behind the Scene Photo Competition

Award from the Bauhaus Frauenförderfonds for Lucky Punch

Jury Award at the Procinema Festival in Lodz (Polen) for Oddzwiek / Resonances


Grand Award The Golden Beggar at the International Festival of Local Televisions (Slovakia) for Oddzwiek / Resonances

Jury Award at the Klotzsche Filmherbst for Brachycera


DAAD-Scholarship for the Double-Master-Program Integrated International Media Art and Design Studies at the Bauhaus University Weimar and the Tongji University Shanghai

Filmfest Dresden wellenreiter-Award for the Treatment of Rendezvous

Jury and Audience Award at the Klotzsche Filmherbst for my visit


Scholarship from the TU Dresden for the Belmont University in Nashville / USA