Heaps of Love

Dokumentarfilm / HD / 91 min / Germany / 2016


When the old couple, Philemon and Baucis, dies after a long and fulfilled life, they die in deep love for each other. So tells the legend, which Anneliese, Ulla, Ruth and Esther, women between 71 and 90 years old, are rehearsing with their theater group. But what if love and life scripts have taken different paths? And at the end of a long life only hope for love remains? In retrospect, the women tell of a life of missed opportunities, affairs and a never-ending longing for great love.

Editing: Claudia Nagel
Music: Martin Kohlstedt



Mzansi Women’s Film Festival, South Africa
World Film Festival, Estonia
Frauenfilmtage Bielefeld


TERRE DES FEMMES FilmFest FrauenWelten, Tübingen