HDV / 23 Min / Poland/Germany / 2009

In Lodz, Anna alternates between several half-day shifts as an organist, singer and painter. She always wanted to become a nun but it turned out differently.
What were her reasons to radically change her life and which questions is she asking herself today?
Through her personal stories we discover her singular life-path. Slowly the film sketches the pursuit of liberty of a longing feminist in the present catholic Poland.

A documentary by: Alina Cyranek, Guido Rambeck & Marc Recchia
Poland / 2009 / 23 Min

A film focused on the main character: a musically and artistically talented young woman, an individualist and a maverick, who has already experienced with the school for boys, nunnery, kind-hearted but fiery rector. She talks about her life the way she plays her organ, with passion, but sometimes with distance and difficult self-consciousness. About dreams she wants to have come true, things that take posession of her: “I am restricted by them.“ A film about the resonance/disonanace between the person and the exterior, between the authentic “self” and the world’s expectations.


2009 Grand Beggar Jury Award, International Festival of Local Televisions, Košice
  Jury Award Best Film, ProCinema Festival, Łódź


2011 Culture Unplugged Festival, Maharashtra/ San Francisco/ Auckland
  Babel Fesitval, Łódź
2010 Cork Film Festival
  Clipstar Short Film Festival, Luxemburg
2009 Shoot Me Festival, Den Haag
  La Rochelle Festival Documentaire et Création
  International Festival of Local Televisions, Košice
  International Women’s Film Festival, Düsseldorf / Köln
  Dokumentart, Neubrandenburg / Szczecin
  ProCinema Festival, Łódź
  History Workshop Europe, Słubice


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